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At the core of Livewire Connection’s IT networks is the dedication to supply robust, dependable IT solutions that meet the highest expectations. For many this will be based on a Windows server domain environment usually modelled around a small business setup for deployments of up to 60 users. This delivers a familiar working environment to users with the inclusion of key features such as Microsoft Exchange and centralised file sharing. It also provides a robust foundation for the network, allowing our in house IT Engineers to implement key services such as comprehensive backup and disaster recovery, centralised antivirus deployment and group policy management.

As the number of users increases along with the requirement for even greater flexibility we can help implement additional servers and where required use server virtualisation to minimise the physical hardware requirements.

In order to get the best from any server deployment it is essential to implement a system of proactive maintenance to avoid issue going forward. Server administration forms a key part of our service to clients and covers implementation of network wide updates, monitoring of backups and review of key utilisation metrics on a regular basis. This approach keeps the network functioning as it should and keeps unplanned outages to a minimum. 

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