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Jason Electronics to promote Livewire Connections Access Controller FB-10 in Asia

Jason Electronics

Livewire Connections has formed an agreement with the well-established and respected Jason Electronics, a leading provider of marine communications and integrated solutions based in Asia.

With headquarters in Singapore, Jason Electronics will be retailing the Access Controller FB-10 range throughout their extensive group which has offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and China.

“We are very privileged to be working with Livewire Connections, we are confident that as we move forward together, we are able to tackle new challenges and bring our services for our customers to a higher level.” Says Mr Ronald Tan, CEO for Jason Electronics.

The versatile Access Controller is a dynamic router and WAN manager designed to control up to 10 different communications systems via a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) located on a single or multiple PC's anywhere on a vessel network. With an ever increasing range of off-vessel internet connections offering a wide variety of cost/speed benefits, the ability to switch between services has never been more important. Building on the success of its’ predecessor, Service Selector, the Access Controller FB-10 product range allows the user to take control of their WAN connections as well as efficiently managing their LAN traffic. Whether operating a commercial ship or a luxury yacht, the FB-10 can save both time and money.

“We are delighted to be working with Jason Electronics,” commented David Walker Sales Director for Livewire Connections.  “Like us, they are used to finding customised solutions when it comes to marine communications.  They have the same business ethos as us, so combined we are looking forward to a prosperous relationship working together.”

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