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Livewire complete IT and TVRO refit on 61m superyacht

Sea Tel, 9497 refit

Livewire Connections successfully installed a comprehensive satellite TV and internal IT network on 61m private Motor yacht. The vessel built in 1987 has been in the same owners possession since its launch, so has become almost a member of the family!  Livewire were commissioned to upgrade various systems in the vessels latest major refit with Turkish Shipyard Dunya Yachts. The upgrade included replacing the original Sea Tel 8885 TV antenna that, although still operational, had seen better days after 25 years of operation. Being an Authorised Sea Tel Dealer Livewire Connections were well placed to supply and install a Sea Tel 9497B 2.4 metre TV antenna, allowing the owner to receive native United Arab Emirates TV Channels within the Mediterranean.

An antenna of this size would usually be more at home on a commercial vessel and therefore has a rather industrial mounting frame, however Livewire were on hand to assist Dunya Yachts with the design of a mounting solution and custom facia more indicative of a super yacht. Livewire also supplied two smaller Sea Tel 4004 1 metre TV Antennas for SKY Offshore, a range of satellite decoders, Shore WiFi /GSM devises for internet connections when at shore and a complete Layer 3 LAN/WLAN internal network.

To react to the high latency and relatively low bandwidth associated with VSAT satellite broadband, Livewire implemented multiple VLANs and the Access Controller that is able to manage the allocation of available internet bandwidth and Quality of Service, giving priority to the most important clients.

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