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Record breaking Challenge for VO70 MAPFRE


Congratulations to VO70 MAPFRE, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Palos de la Frontera (Spain) to San Salvador (The Bahamas) in a record breaking 11 days 7 hours 38 minutes and 40 seconds, establishing three records in one. 

On 10th February, the journey between Palos de la Frontera and La Gomera took a record breaking 43 hours 20 minutes and 30 seconds; on 12th February the second leg of the journey began taking just 9 days 12 hours 18 minutes and 10 seconds, another record. So combined the two stretches establish the Atlantic record on the real Route of Discovery of Columbus.

“The MAPFRE Challenge has been a successful adventure, not only in sporting terms but also from a communications perspective; and the support of Livewire has been a crucial part of this success. Livewire made it possible for the crew to communicate from the sea to the world, from the middle of the Atlantic back home, at any moment. It also allowed them to keep in touch with their lives, most emotionally when one crew member heard the news of the birth of his second child. Well done!” Commented Alejandro Varela, Communications Director for Prensa Desafío MAPFRE.

Livewire Connections provided Sat C and Inmarsat FleetBroadband to MAPFRE for this record breaking adventure, and would like to offer our congratulations to all involved.

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