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Access Controller FB-10 (End of Life)

Access Controller FB-10 Pro

The Access Controller is a dynamic router and WAN manager designed to control up to 10 different communications systems via a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) located on a single or multiple PC's anywhere on the vessel network.  With an ever increasing range of off-vessel internet connections offering a wide variety of cost/speed benefits, the ability to switch between services has never been more important. Building on the success of its predecessor, Service Selector, the Access Controller FB-10 product range allows you to take control of your WAN connections as well as efficiently managing your LAN traffic. Whether you run a commercial ship or a luxury yacht, the FB-10 can save you both time and money.

Key Benefits
  • Control up to 10 data services from a simple interface
  • Airtime provider independent, no on-going contracts
  • Spend control alerts to eliminate excessive airtime bills
  • Dynamic Firewall to restrict access per service
  • Access data call records and onboard billing
  • Quality of Service to prioritise bandwidth
  • Bandwidth graphs/logs to monitor your link
  • Improved MAC address reservation
  • Auto-Failover to secondary connection
Key Features
  • Integrated FleetBroadband Support
  • Quality of Service for bandwidth prioritisation
  • Live and historical bandwidth monitoring
  • DHCP with reserved MAC address reservations
  • Remote ‘back door’ access
  • Multi Language Support
  • Automatic Failover and Switch Back


  • FB-10 Standard (2 Ethernet Ports, 2 Serial Port, ISDN, 2 USB>Ethernet/USB>Serial Ports)
  • FB-10 Pro (7 Ethernet Ports, 1 Serial Port, ISDN,2 USB>Ethernet/USB>Serial Ports)
  • FB-10 Pro RM (PRO Version in 1U Rackmount form)


More Images

Onboard Network Example Back Panel Interfaces Access Controller FB-10 Pro Rear View Access Controller FB-10 Pro Front View Access Controller FB-10 Standard Front View FB-10 Pro Rackmount Front View End User Interface Admin Interface - Internet Connections Admin Interface - Spend Control Admin Interface - Call Logs Web Interface - Bandwidth Monitoring

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