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Thuraya offer two Pre-Paid services for the Thuraya Satellite Phones, NOVA and Standard.

NOVA provides longer SIM card validity (2 years from the first call compared to 1 year for the standard) and calls made from countries within the NOVA “Zone E” are lower than the standard costs while calls made from outside “Zone E” are higher as highlighted in the airtime rate tables below.

Credit for either Pre-Paid type can be topped up with the Thuraya vouchers available here. SIM card validity will be extended automatically subject to sufficient credit to cover the renewal fee. If there is insufficient credit a 90 day grace period starts at which time incoming calls are possible. After the grace period the account will be deactivated and any remaining credit will expire.

Please note: After purchasing a new SIM card, the first call must be made within 6 months after date of activation otherwise SIM card will be deactivated.

Thuraya Pre-Paid Airtime Rates
Service Description Standard Charges NOVA Charges Inside Zone E NOVA Charges Outside Zone E
Thuraya to Thuraya 0.99 units/min 0.85 units/min 1.25 units/min
Thuraya to Band 1 1.49 units/min 0.90 units/min 1.85 units/min
Thuraya to Band 2 4.99 units/min 5.09 units/min 5.09 units/min
Thuraya "Catch All" 8.00 units/min 8.10 units/min 9.65 units/min
SMS 0.49 units/SMS 0.35 units/SMS
Receiving calls in GSM mode surchage 0.50 units/min 0.50 units/min
Thuraya GmPRS (if subscribed) 5.00 units/MB 5.00 units/MB
Annual account renewal fee 39 units/12 months 10 units/24 months

Minimum call duration and billing increment are 60 seconds for standard prepay and 20 seconds for NOVA, Minimum data increment is 10KB. Credits remain valid while account remains active.

Details of Zone E and calling Bands can be found under Documents or by clicking here.


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Asiasat 5 Indochina - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1H - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1KR - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1L - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1M Europe - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1M Widebeam - 04 Series Beam, Astra 2A 2B North - 04 Series Beam, Astra 2D North - 04 Series Beam, Astra 3A - 04 Series Beam, Astra 3B Pan European - 04 Series Beam, Astra 4A European - 04 Series Beam, Eurobird 1 Fixed - 04 Series Beam, Eutelsat W7 Eurasia - 04 Series Beam, Hispasat - 04 Series Beam, Hotbird 6 - 04 Series Beam, Hotbird 8 - 04 Series Beam, Hotbird 9 - 04 Series Beam, JCSat 3A - 04 Series Beam, JCSat 4A - 04 Series Beam, Koreasat 5 - 04 Series Beam, Measat 3 Malaysia - 04 Series Beam, Nilesat - 04 Series Beam, Optus C1 D3 - 04 Series Beams, Optus D1 - 04 Series Beams, Thaicom 5 Thailand - 04 Series Beam, Thor 6 K1 - 04 Series Beam, Thor 6 K2 - 04 Series Beam, Thor 5 T1 Nordic - 04 Series Beam, Vinasat 1 - 04 Series Beam

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